Mobile Marketing and Mobile Apps

The smartphone is becoming more and more the primary means of communication and online interaction for countless consumers worldwide. Hence companies are resorting to mobile marketing, sending advertisements straight to phones in the form of a text message.

Mobile marketing is merely an extension of Internet marketing very dependent upon receiving permission from the owner of the smart phone. Obtaining the individuals phone number can generally be accomplished by offering rewards for subscribers.

Mobile marketing consists of ads appearing on an individual’s mobile device and can be in the form of a text message. The fact that most users are reluctant to give out their cell phone number to companies if it means suffering with pop-up ads, a large enough number of consumers share their number due to the opt out capability of mobile campaigns. Similar to email marketing, mobile marketers must receive an opt in from the user prior to sending messages. Additionally, users who receive mobile messages must be able to opt out of receiving future messages.

Since mobile is rapidly becoming your customers’ primary digital engagement channel, providing a free app that can provide true value to the customer is by far a better way to get valuable information to individual customers. The app can also be a great medium for providing customers easy access to the company. Providing all kinds of helpful product and use tips, alerts about promotions, and special sales for app users will help retain customers.