“Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal.” — (Unknown)

I believe there are many people who have been researching internet businesses for years. They are collecting lots of information and hoping to find some way to come up with a plan that is perfect. Most of these people will never start a company. I call that getting stuck in phase one. There are other people who decide that they may not have the perfect plan (most have no plan) but they just want to blast off and make the necessary in flight course corrections. Some of these people may succeed but the majority will fail. Those that have made a plan have a better chance of success. In creating a plan there are some facts and there are some assumptions. Make all assumptions opaque in your planning. That is make sure these assumptions are not overlooked and considered as facts. When the business actually starts you can start inputting actual data in place of the assumptions and create more realistic expectations to more closely chart your course.